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Chris Freeman

Chris is a composer, producer, sound designer and artist based in Norway. With a rich and diverse musical background, he presents a unique voice in the world of sound design and film music. His latest compositions push the boundaries of cinematic sound, creating immersive and profoundly emotional experiences. Chris is also deeply passionate about innovation, new technology and healthcare.

As a film composer, Chris aligns with the director's vision, skillfully blending styles to elevate cinematic storytelling. His compositions, spanning from haunting melodies to uplifting anthems, aspire to captivate and resonate deeply with audiences, leaving indelible impressions that extend far beyond the confines of the screen. Chris invites collaboration on a musical journey aimed at touching hearts and sparking imaginations, a shared endeavor to craft an unforgettable artistic experience. If you're drawn to the quality of industry giants but find your budget limiting, or prefer allocating your resources elsewhere, Chris is here to offer a cost-effective solution for your musical needs. From spares and gentle to full-on confrontational and out-of-this-world Chris is your guy.


"Chris' versatility means he really draws the essence out of a film and brings it to life in sound, whether the score is dark and atmospheric and experimental, or an simple, elegant piano piece that gently leads the audience through their emotional journey. He's fluent in everything from confrontational to the universal. The best scores subtly support the actors, enhancing the emotion they are putting onscreen, and that is exactly what Chris' compositions accomplish."

Charles Spano

Writer and producer (Embers and IO: Last On Earth, Netflix)


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